Thursday 6 June 2013

Bollywood Fashions...

I love creating Bollywood inspired outfits when I can. I love the fabrics that are used and how the different styles enhance the beauty of the natural woman (on in my case our beloved dolls).

I don't always create the typical 'sari' though... I prefer a little 'East Meets West' twist. Another favourite Indian outift I like to make is the 'lehnga' (skirt & top with 'pallu'/scarf). I have yet to try the 'Kameez' (dress or tunic) type outfits, but will be creating one soon, so keep an eye out for details on this blog.

I am starting work on another simple 'sari' type outfit so will post pictures soon.

I'll just share some previous outfits that I created so you can enjoy them in the mean time until I post again. (These all belong in private collections.)

Hope you enjoyed these creations!
Look forward to sharing my next creation soon

Sunday 2 June 2013

Hello to fellow Bloggers...
I am new to this whole concept of Blogging so I request that you have a little patience with me until I figure out how everything works.

Why did I decide to start Blogging?....well I have been asked a few times, but didn't know how the whole 'Blog system' actually worked (don't think I still do) & didn't know what I could start writing about. After a little pestering from a friend I thought...why not...I'll give it a go and if it goes well that's a plus...and if it doesn't I have nothing to lose...guess you just won't see any more posts if that's the case.

Anyway, I am usually trying out different crafts, but sewing is my main hobby, so after much thought I decided I would start 'Blogging' about something I feel deeply passionate love for sewing (& creating doll items).

I started sewing at a very young age of 9. I remember watching my mum working away at her 'Singer' sewing machine and asking if I could have the fabric scraps. I started using these to sew outfits for my Sindy & Barbie dolls. Watching my skills develop my mum soon trusted me with her sewing machine and by the end of that year I had managed to sew my very own outfit (Yes...still at age 9), for which I was complemented by all my friends and family, & from that day I have never really looked back as far as sewing is concerned.

I never did take this hobby up as my studies though...I wanted to keep this as an enjoyable hobby for myself and didn't want the stress of 'have to work on such and such a project'. My personal thought on that is that it would have 'killed any creativity' when its forced on you, even though I know some people work better under pressure.

After the birth of my daughter I soon rediscovered my original passion of sewing for dolls (when she reached the stage of playing with her dolls). I remember searching the Internet and came across some 'adult doll collectors'...I was shocked to say the least. Other adult doll collectors existed and they had passions for all things doll which was much greater than mine. They soon made me aware that my 'sewing skills' could help out in the doll community as not everyone is able to sew. So I started off trading with the odd sales, meeting lots of fantastic people along the way.

I think I'm still in denial to some stage about my doll collecting...I still try justifying to myself that each new doll is just another 'model' for my sewing. If I am being honest I have never counted my dolls...& I don't think I am ready to just yet.

I have sewn for a variety of dolls ranging from Pippa/Dawn/Pete, Bratz, ZsuZse (Riley size -Helen Kish), Silkstone Barbie, Fashion Royalty (both 12 & 16"), Tyler/Sydney, Gene/Alex, Ellowyne, Antoinette, Cami, Sybarite, ABJD (Godreau Innuendo), Tonners 22" American Model dolls.
Please note that I am not in any way associated with any company/ manufacturer but their dolls have inspired & unleashed my creativity, for which I am grateful.  Just as I am thankful to my fellow doll collectors and doll board/group members who have encouraged and supported me over the years.
Finally (without making it sound like I have just won an award) I have to mention a very big 'Thank You' to all my family and friends without whose support I wouldn't be here,... I love you all.

Well, I guess this is my first post/ wasn't too hard, but think it may be abit too long. Can you believe it, but I haven't even read another Blog yet & I've just jumped into the deep end. I think my future posts will be more on what I am creating. Oh, & sorry about the title, but I wasn't sure what would sum up what I was going to write about so thought I'd just use my FB Page name.

If you managed to read this far...congratulations & thank you.